How To Do A Juice Fast: The 12 Things You Need To Know Prior to Starting

Oh no another juice fast blog. Another “fad” diet. Another health nut. This can’t be safe or healthy to do. We need our protein. How could you go on a juice fast for 40 days? I could never do that.

Those are some of the things you may think or hear if you are attempting a juice fast or contemplating doing one. I have heard it all, believe me. You don’t know how amazing it is until you do one.

Admittedly, I was skeptical about juice fasting when I first heard about it. Personally, I do not like the term juice fasting or cleansing. I prefer juice feasting or solid food vacation. Juice fasting sounds like it would be negative to the common person, but a juice feast sounds nourishing.

Why should we do one? Well, that’s a whole blog in and of itself. My first juice fast is actually what got me on this journey of health and freedom. I will save that for another blog. This one will just be the details on what to do, as I have done three now in the last calendar year and have studied this thoroughly from some of the best fasting experts in history. This is basically the John Rose protocol with a couple minor tweaks.

1. Buy a good juicer. This is no time to skimp. I recommend spending minimum $100-150. You get what you pay for, especially when it comes to kitchen appliances. I went for the gusto when I did my first juice feast, and after a lot of research I landed on the Green Star Elite, which has twin gears with special infrared magnets that extract the nutrients more than any other machine. It’s the best on the market for home use if nutrients and a high yield are what you’re looking for. Many times, the more expensive machines will produce a higher yield, so it’s good to consider long term value. For example, if you spend $100/month on produce and get 30% more juice, that’s a savings of $30/month or $360/year. The juicer is paying for itself.

There are other good juicers out there for not $400+ of course. Some others I recommend are the Omega J8006 and the Aicok. All three are good choices. I got my parents the Omega, and I like it a lot. It’s very easy to use and clean. Three of my friends who have done a juice fast have the Aicok and are pleased with it as well. My main recommendation is to get a slow speed masticating juicer, single auger, or a twin gear, but it’s not a complete must. However, the high speed motored juicers will destroy the nutrients and the feast will not hit as hard as it should.

This should be a staple in everyone’s kitchen if they wish to live a healthy life, juice fast or not.

2. Clean up your diet 2-3 days prior to starting. This isn’t a complete must, because in my eyes if motivation is on your side, then you shouldn’t waste any time in case you change your mind. If you do have the discipline to stop and transition, then by all means do it.

3. You will need to drink a lot of juice. I don’t think you should go out and buy cleanses from juiceries, because (A) they won’t give you enough (most cleanses on the market you’ll get 6 pints), and (B) it is expensive. I think it is best to just buy your own juicer and do it yourself. It’s a little time consuming, yes, but when you’re standing there juicing all of this produce, it will pump you up knowing that all of this is going to be going into your body.

By drink a lot I mean minimum 8 pints and up to 16 pints a day pending on your level of activity. I normally do half fruit juices and half vegetable juice throughout my days. Here is a blog of my favorite juicing recipes. Personally, I usually aim for 12 pints or 6 quarts a day pending on your level of activity. I encourage all forms of exercise on a fast. Fasting is about healing, but if you want to keep up your active lifestyle and play basketball, do HIIT training, or lift weights you should probably aim for 12 or more pints to ensure you get your calories and not deplete your carbohydrate fuel tank. You can gain muscle while juice feasting, yes.

Side note regarding the sugar consumption: If you lean on vegetable juices (half your daily juice), then the sugar content will not be a problem for most people. If you have type 2 diabetes or struggle with your blood sugar, then I recommend you consult your healthcare practitioner and monitor your blood sugar often, and perhaps do a transition program of a combination of half master cleanser (lemon, agave nectar, cayenne pepper, and distilled water drinks) and half vegetable juice for your daily calories. Again, some people may need to modify their juice fasts depending on how serious your health conditions are. Our livers and kidneys may not be able to handle the toxic load and rate at which we are cleansing. However, most of us will be fine going on a juice feast without worrying about our sugar intake.

4. You will need to take additional supplements, specifically your EFAs (essential fatty acids) in order to get your Omega 3 & 6. I partner with a highly reputable supplement company if you are interested in using my products, but if not I recommend flax oil for men or hemp oil for women. Just one serving a day to make sure you get your fats. This is more of a safety measure.

5. Seal your juices properly to prevent oxidation. If pre-making juices you should either fill up to the brim to the point there is spillage when capping off the juices, or even better you should vacuum seal them. By vacuum sealing you are preventing oxidation of your juices. Think of a sliced apple or leaving a cut avocado out too long. It browns within minutes.

Here are two products I recommend. One is the FoodSaver Jar Sealer and the other is Soligt. I use both, and they work great. If you go with the Foodsaver you will need a pump or the vacuum unit, but the Soligt comes with a pump. I prefer the Foodsaver though, since you can use the mason jar lids. I’ve used the Wine Saver Pump, and it works great. Just put the pump and the little rubber stopper over the FoodSaver hole and pump until you hear a few clicks. Obviously, you will need mason jars, but make sure you get the wide mouth if you are planning on sealing them. You should have a vacuum sealer regardless. They are great for meal prepping produce or leftover produce. Air, heat, light all oxidize your juices, so keep them refrigerated. The best time to drink your juices is immediately, but not all of us have the luxury of juicing throughout the day.

6. Chew your juices. There’s the old digestion tip, “Chew your liquids and drink your solids.” Juices need to digest too, so when drinking you will want to swish it around in your mouth to add saliva and signal your colon that food is coming. If you don’t want to swish around every sip at least do the first couple drinks of each pint. Do this for smoothies as well.

7. Do not drink water until you get your minimum 8 pints in. The only exception is if you’re doing a really hard workout. Personally, I don’t think you will be thirsty or dehydrated, but if you are working out hard and sweating it’s alright add some water. Remember, we are getting the best water there is! The water from plants.

8. Use herbs and other cleansing agents as well. This is the best time to use herbs; when your body is cleaning house. I use is cascara sagrada. Take anywhere from 10-15 a day, 3 every three/four hours. Don’t worry about the label saying 1 a day. Stop taking the herbs after day 14 if going longer than two weeks. I do not recommend taking herbs when not cleansing. Your body will end up depending on them.

The other detox agents I use are psyllium husk and bentonite clay. This magical duo does wonders for us. You make a little shake out of them in diluted juice or water. I just use water. Shake it up really good and chug it immediately, so the psyllium doesn’t bulk. The psyllium is just straight fiber that will massage your intestines and sweep out the gunk on the way down, and the bentonite acts as a negatively charged magnetic sponge that adsorbs all the toxins from your intestinal tract.

If interested in my personal supplements, please reach out, and I will set up an order for you. If not, the above linked products are the best alternative that I have used many times. It’s up to you how often you want to do the psyllium bentonite shakes. No more than four a day. I do one in the morning, one during lunch time, and one at night. Leave about an hour and a half before and after your shakes before having a juice. I would stop the psyllium bentonite 2-3 days prior to breaking the fast to ensure the fiber is out of you.

9. Double down with extra measures of detoxification. Here are three extra ways of detoxification you can do while fasting or just in general. One is skin brushing. Typically, they say long broad strokes of the skin in the direction of the heart, but I think that’s up to the user what they prefer. What this does is move the lymph fluid around in your body, which is essential. The lymphatic system is the most overlooked and misunderstood body system we have. We need to make sure it’s moving properly and that the kidneys are filtering.

Second is deep breathing. This is something that should be done every day. Air pollution is a real thing whether you believe it or not, so deep breathing gets rid of the stale, polluted air from your lungs. There are several exercises that can be done, which I go into detail here. The key is breathing with your diaphragm. Think of seeing a baby breathe. To practice diaphragm breathing, lay down with one hand on your stomach and one on your chest. You want the stomach hand to go up first during inhalation, then the chest. On exhalation the reverse, chest hand down first, then stomach hand. This takes time to make a habit of, so don’t worry if you catch yourself chest breathing.

Third is hot and cold showers. Start with hot, then end with 30 seconds of cold. Then you can start playing around with it with 30 seconds cold, minute hot, 30 seconds cold. This aids in releasing more toxins.

10. Colon massages and squatting. Yes, we’re going there. Take a look at a colon picture and you’ll see how it runs. The ascending colon begins on your right side and runs up to the rib cage, the transverse colon runs underneath the diaphragm, and the descending colon runs down the left side. So you want to just massage in that direction. Really get in there. A tip is to lie down, keep your legs bent and together, and lean them to each side to open up the opposite area as if you were doing a lower back stretch. If you notice a pain point while massaging that’s a good indication there’s some build up and toxicity in that spot, so you should place more attention on that area. Do this for however long you like, but it’s good to get the juices flowing. I am also in full support of colonics or enemas. This will aid in hydrating and breaking up hardened waste in the digestive tract for proper elimination.

Squatting while going to the bathroom is very important. I’m sure by now most of us have heard of the Squatty Potty. I don’t necessarily think you need to buy one, but I posted the link just in case. You can use anything really; a foot stool, bathroom basket, or just put your heels on the toilet seat. Anything that gets your feet up. This aligns your body and excretion organs properly for elimination.

We put strain on our digestive system by not squatting. Squatting alone will aid in preventing constipation. Start squatting! If you want to go the extra mile start squeezing your sphincter hard a few times at the end of every bathroom session. What this does is drive blood to the anus and propels more poop out. Now, enough poop talk.

11. Break the fast properly. The hardest part is breaking the fast. It’s hard, because we’re still juicing! From what I have learned it takes about 1 day for every 4 days of juicing to break, but I don’t normally go longer than a 6 day breaking period no matter the length. If you’re juicing for a week, then I would take two days to break it. If you are going 3 days, maybe a day or so to break it. If you are going 100 days, I don’t think you need to 25 days to break it. 6 days will do. We are going to introduce three food groups: laxative fruits, juicy fruits, and salad. Day one should 100% be a day you’re off work and near a bathroom.

Day 1: Laxative fruit intro- soak 8 ounces of prunes in 16 ounces of water over night, wake up drink the prune juice and eat the prunes. Really stop and enjoy it. It’s going to be great. This is what is referred to as the prune test. If you start going to the bathroom about 60-75 minutes in, then it’s a pretty good indication that you’re clean or at least on the right track. If you go to the bathroom immediately or several hours or more later, then we still have some work to do. It takes time to get the hang of cleaning yourself out. Don’t be discouraged. If you pass the test, then you should be having movements for a good 2-3 hours. That’s a good sign. Then the rest of the day is juices for lunch and dinner. Probably anywhere from 4-6 pints.

Day 2: Juicy fruit intro- one fruit is best, a mono meal. I would say go with whatever fruit you are craving, but not bananas for now. Watermelon is a good one or mangos or peaches. Get a bunch too. If you are going watermelon you could probably take down a quarter or a half watermelon. If you are going peaches get like 7 or 8. Make sure they are ripe. Then back to the juices for lunch and dinner. Same as day 1.

Day 3-4: Two juicy fruit meals, then 3-4 juices for dinner.

Day 5-6: Two juicy fruit meals, then we introduce a simple salad for dinner. Just leafy greens. NO DRESSING OR FAT. If you want some sort of extra taste, squeeze some lime and sprinkle some celtic or himalayan salt on there. You still may need a juice or two to get full since we are avoiding the fats and additional add-ons.

After day 6 you can start playing around with foods again. Ideally, we will be applying proper food combining techniques. One of the best things about a juice fast is that you are becoming more in tune with your body and your bowel transit time. You will start seeing the fruits and salads coming out, and it’s good to see.

12. And finally, BE POSITIVE. You cannot go into this scared, frustrated, or in a bad mood for missing out on meals that your friends are having. Positivity is so important. Don’t let anyone bring you down either. You will face obstacles. Some of you may experience cleansing reactions, which are flu-like symptoms depending on how toxic you are. This is normal and a body initiated process to get rid of those toxins. Just know that this is the best thing for your body and health. Your body is craving this solid food vacation more than anything else in the world. Believe it or not, each and every one of us is equipped with an internal pharmacy. If we have positive thoughts, then we are sending positive medication into our bloodstream. If we have negative thoughts, then we are sending negative medication into our bloodstream. Having a support system around you is a big help as well. Find fellow juicers! Reach out to me, and I can add you to my juicing support calls when I have them. Our community is growing, and it’s amazing seeing the people’s transformation!

So be positive, be present, and keep on juicing!

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, need more tips, or guidance please do not hesitate to ask me.


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