3 Tips If You Are Required To Wear A Mask For Work

Hi everyone,

Our time is precious, so thank you for visiting my blog. We live in strange times. Strange times, indeed. We have people for wearing masks, and we have people against wearing masks. Another form of human discord that divides us even further. Division seems ever present nowadays in many different forms, which is very sad. Regardless of your position on this subject, I would like to share some information and tips to those who are required to wear masks by their employers throughout the workday.

Before we start on the tips, I would like to share some facts about the role our lungs and kidneys play in our bodies that the average person may not know or understand. It’s unfortunate that when watching the news, scrolling social media, or taking a walk we only see signs, suggestions, and requirements that we wash our hands, wear masks, and social distance. I have yet to see the news or billboards mentioning taking better care of our bodies and our immune systems, which to me is most important. Occasionally, I’ll see people on social media mention immune health, but that’s only if I’m looking hard enough.

We, as humans, are alkaline by nature, but acidic by habit. We are constantly consuming toxins, whether foodborne or airborne. In turn, our bloodstream becomes more acidic if we don’t take extra measures to take care of ourselves. We are in the midst of a global lockdown, and the reason for this lockdown is a flu-like disease that affects and originates in the lungs. Now, I’m not a pathologist or doctor, but, logically speaking, wouldn’t wearing a mask all day breathing in your own carbon dioxide seem counterproductive if we were to be combatting a disease that originates in the lungs? Not sure, but, nevertheless, we need to go the extra mile to ensure we are safe from this thing.

A Taoist master once said, “You can live two months without food and two weeks without water, but you can live only a few minutes without air.” I love that quote, and I have used it before. It’s too important not to mention. Air quality is so vital, so we need to exercise those organs for a number of reasons. One of the main risks we face due to acidity in the bloodstream is respiratory acidosis, which is when carbon dioxide is not expelled from the lungs adequately. Some symptoms of respiratory acidosis are fatigue, nausea, shallow or rapid breathing, headaches, and confusion. Respiratory acidosis eventually leads to chronic acidosis. Chronic acidosis leads to poor body tissue, and poor body tissue leads to all sorts of serious degenerative diseases.

Our lungs play a vital role in regulating our blood’s pH levels. The normal pH of arterial blood is 7.4, where as venous blood is 7.35. The lower limit of the pH value at which a person can live no more than a few hours is about 6.8 (acidosis) and the upper limit is 8.0 (alkalosis). Carbon dioxide, which is acidic, is a waste product of the metabolism of oxygen (which all cells need), and, in turn, is constantly produced by the cells. Everything that eats has to eliminate, so our cells “eat” the oxygen and excrete carbon dioxide into the blood. If we are constantly breathing in and recycling our own carbon dioxide, we are slowly acidifying and polluting our bloodstream putting us at risk for respiratory acidosis, and, eventually, chronic acidosis. I would not be surprised if we see a rise in pneumonia and asthma cases come fall.

The kidneys also play a role. I would put money on the fact that everyone who has fought the virus and lost had compromised kidneys. The kidneys are able to affect blood pH by excreting excess acids or bases. However, this takes several days whereas the lungs are able to excrete acids at a quicker pace. We make mistakes, and those mistakes accumulate. Our kidneys take a beating due to our acidic lifestyles. We need to take some of the burden off our kidneys by eating more water rich foods, fasting occasionally, exercising, getting fresh air, and getting quality sleep. How do we know if our kidneys are working efficiently and filtering our lymph fluid? There’s a simple test. Pee in a clear jar, let it sit for a couple hours, and come back. If there is sediment at the bottom, that means your kidneys are filtering the lymph system’s fluid, which is our cellular sewage system in the body. If not, you may need to incorporate a 24 hour dry fast once a week to give your kidneys a break, then try the pee test again. We want our pee to be cloudy or “snowing”, not crystal clear. Why would our sewage system produce something transparent?

So our lungs and our kidneys are very important when it comes to regulating our blood’s pH levels. Ok, Jeremy, we got it. What about the three tips for us who have to wear masks all day? Here we go!

1. Start every day with 15-30 minutes of deep breathing. If we want to go the extra mile, do it twice a day. Once when you wake up and once before you go to bed. The number of benefits of deep diaphragmatic breathing cannot be overstated. Some Eastern medical practices are dedicated to deep breathing alone. Some benefits are improved digestion, more sound sleep, increased energy, a balanced pH in your bloodstream, increased circulation, opened energy networks within the body, and once you get good at it you can tap into your nervous system for healing purposes. This is just the tip of the iceberg. You will not regret starting a breathing regimen. Remember, we are alkaline by nature, and acidic by habit. Deep breathing allows us to re-alkalize our bodies. You can start with a basic rhythmic breathing exercise and go to more advanced practices. For this exercise all we need to do is inhale using our diaphragm, retain, exhale, and pause for the same duration of time. 3-5 seconds is a good starting point.

For more on breathing, here are 4 basic breathing exercises that we can practice.

2. Enjoy your lunch outside. Heck, get outside as much as you can. Remove your mask and breathe in the fresh air. Imagine the trees and vegetation releasing the oxygen for you and you releasing your carbon dioxide for them. The cycle of life. We have a relationship with nature that most of us forget about. There’s a reason we feel run down after a long day’s work at our desks or in our homes. We aren’t getting the fresh air we are supposed to be getting as social animals. There is a special charge in the air outside, especially, in the mountains, the coast, and the countryside. That air has an extra ion, which is more or less like charged air. We need those negative ions in our bloodstream. Get outside and breathe in the fresh air. Your body will thank you for it.

3. Eat more nourishing, alkaline-forming foods. Yeah, I’m going there with nutrition. To prevent acidosis, we need alkaline-forming foods. The best alkaline-forming foods are your raw leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables. The acid-forming foods are your dairy products, meat, and processed foods, so try and scale back on those. Even if it’s taking 3 days off a week. Slow progress is better than no progress as they say. If we can afford organic produce, great, but if not, then conventional produce will still be better than anything else in the store you would normally eat. If we really want to bring our alkalinity to the next level, try a juice fast. Here are 8 reasons you should do a juice fast if you need some convincing. You won’t regret it!

We need to take care of our bodies now more than ever. This diss-ease is affecting our lungs and our kidneys, so let’s take some preventative measures and strengthen those organs and our entire immune systems to the best of our abilities. Healthcare is self care. Nobody else can do the eating, exercising, breathing, and resting for you. Let’s get out in the fresh air, do some deep breathing, and consume more alkaline-forming foods.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you stay safe and healthy!


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