Results And Takeaways From My Most Recent Fast

Hi everyone,

Our time is precious, so thank you for carving out some of yours and visiting my blog. In this post I’m going to be discussing my most recent fast, my transition afterwards, and some other things on my mind I thought I’d share.

Some ask me why I continue to do extended fasts yearly. Well, I will always do this regardless of the condition of my body and health. Detoxing is essential, and we all need to do it. Both exogenous and endogenous toxins get into us- some more than others- almost daily. Whether that’s unclean air, water, food, chemicals, etc. When this happens the bad bacteria in our bodies have a field day. When our food tube is empty, there’s no other feeling like it. You are zooming and clicking on all cylinders. We free up that digestive energy. Anywhere from 60-75% of our daily cellular energy goes directly to processing food, so by going on a fast our body in its wisdom can clean house and detox.

Now, to be clear- there are no cures. There is no such thing. Our bodies are self-healing and self-regulating. If we are sick, then the best thing we can do is get out of the body’s way for it to heal and provide the tools for it to do so. Then our body does the healing. Saying food, fasting, or a pill is a cure is misguided in both holistic and allopathic communities.

There are four main aspects of health: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual or communal. If we can check all four of those boxes, then we are a healthy person. At the same time, we are only as strong as our weakest link. Holistic. Most of us need healing in one or more those areas, and I believe that fasting and juice fasting provides the tools for those areas to heal.

The mental strength you gain from doing a fast is not quantifiable. It helps you with self-mastery and discipline. Every time you pass up a cooked or solid meal you are casting a vote in your brain to welcome challenging situations. We are embracing discomfort in your brain’s eye. It is extremely powerful. How many of us feel immobile and stagnant due to comfort like avoiding confrontation or getting up to go work out? That’s a mental strength issue that we can overcome.

On a personal note, it helped me kick an addiction. I had a dependency for about five years. It was easy and comfortable for me to take another Xanax every night and wash it down with a bottle of wine and a burrito along with a plate of nachos. I didn’t think anything of it, nor did I think I had a problem. Fasting allowed me to build that mental strength to realize I didn’t NEED that as much as I told myself I did. I’m proud to say I haven’t touched a pill in almost two years.

The emotional strength you gain is also something that can only be done by fasting. We have a deep emotional bond to food. Love and food are intertwined at a young age, especially if dinners were sacred in your home growing up. Food and love. Family dinners, holidays, weddings, your friend is in town so you go out to eat, dates are set at restaurants, birthdays, etc. Not to say that’s a bad thing, but getting it under control is important. It doesn’t help that we need food to live either. A lot of us can be emotional eaters and compulsive overeaters. That was me. By going on an extended fast we are breaking that emotional bond. That primal need. It gives our emotions a reset, because we are depriving ourselves of a basic fundamental need to survive. And we are just talking juice fasting, not water fasting, so you’re still getting your calories. Juicing has a similar effect, but not as intense.

My personal experience with fasting in regards to emotion is that I am not quick to anger. I was much happier during and post-fast. Things that would normally get a rise out of me don’t anymore. My emotions are in check. My relationship to food improved dramatically. Recently, I made an exception in my diet, and I didn’t beat myself up about it. Whereas before I’d be kicking myself relentlessly and unhealthily.

The physical aspect I can harp on for a whole book. Just know that this is the best thing for you and your body. We are pumping our bodies full of Mother Earth’s goodness. 10+ pounds of produce are going into us on a daily basis. Nutrients we wouldn’t otherwise be getting. We free up the digestive energy to allow ourselves to heal. We flush out the accumulated, gnarly gunk plaguing our intestines. We flush out the lymph system, so our body can rid itself of waste properly. Our kidneys, liver, adrenals, and pancreas finally get a break to heal from the stresses of acid forming foods and get back to equilibrium. I can go on and on.

Finally, the spiritual and communal aspect. When we do this, we are humbling ourselves before the creator. We are pumping our bodies full of living food and biophotons: light energy. We are quite literally beings of light. By consuming biophotons, which is coherent sunlight energy found in the nucleus of all living things, they then transfer to us. All living organisms emit and contain biophotons: animals, humans, plants. These biophotons allow for faster than the speed of light communication. Think of birds flying or fish swimming together in perfect formation. There is biological communication going on via light. Humans can experience this too. The more biophotons we have in our bodies, the more vibrant and connected we are to our surroundings. Yes, I’m getting hippie here. If you believe in good vibes, God, energy, or the law of attraction, then going on a juice fast will take you to the next level in this department. You wouldn’t want to hurt a fly. You would just do whatever you could to serve your fellow brothers and sisters.

This past fast was a great success. My biggest takeaway was the support system and love I had around me. I made sure to increase my intake from previous fasts, so I could gain muscle and not lose too much weight. I managed to succeed only dropping 10 pounds. I am not perfect. If you’ve read my previous juice fast post you’ll see I put on some weight since then. There were a few reasons for this excluding the world events, but I’m happy I had a relapse so to speak. I learned a lot this go around, and I’m proud to say I feel better than ever.

After a 30 day juice fast, I’m currently 30 days 99% raw. I made an exception for corn a few times at a restaurant, and I’m feeling amazing. I increased my exercise regimen, and it really shows. Below are my results. The left was taken November 23rd, and the right was taken January 25th. Two months of fasting, juicing, raw foods, discipline, and weight training. As for the future, I am going to continue to take it day by day to see how my body responds to providing it the tools it needs to succeed.

I just need to remind myself ever so often that food is not a panacea. There are four aspects to health, and the other three need just as much attention in order for us to be the best that we can be. Consider a fast. It changed my life in all four of those categories. I always tell people that I am more excited for when they try a fast than when I do it myself. I know what it did for me, and I know it could do marvels for you as well. Please reach out if you’d like some assistance in this journey.

Thanks for reading and letting me share my passion.

In health,


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